Thursday, November 4, 2010

Standing on the Edge ...

I am taking a leap of faith, venturing into the unknown, (insert an applicable cliché here).  This exploration into blogging is new to me, but here is what I know:
  1. I enjoy reading other blogs by educators who inspire me by sharing their thoughts on reading, writing, and teaching.
  2. As I age, I realize that I have so many thought-provoking, Hmmmm-causing, I-should-really-try-this ideas. And I need to "get them down on paper" or else they will quickly turn into "now-what-were-those-really-important-thoughts-I-was-thinking-and-didn't-want-to-forget" ideas. Those of you over 30 with kids know what I am talking about.
  3. I am passionate about my beliefs regarding the teaching of reading and writing, and I can't help but voice my opinion.
  4. The pros will tell you to be a better teacher of writing, you need to live the writing life.  Here is my stab at writing. Please be merciful. :o)
  5. Sometimes a girl just needs to vent. Here is my forum.  I may or may not be heard, but I will feel better for getting it out.
So, we'll see where this blog takes me. Wish me luck. One, two, three ... JUMP!

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